Success Builds on Success with Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson Success MagazineHave you ever thought of someone you haven't seen or heard of in a long time and the next thing you know, they pop up somewhere unexpectedly? 

Just a few days ago, I found myself remembering back to when I was a teen, at the SkyDome in Toronto, watching one of the greatest athletes of our time, Bo Jackson. I was recounting watching him live, his presence, his deliberateness, his power. Every step he took, every move he made seemed purposeful and laser-focused. I found myself wondering what had ever come of him and his career. 

To the eyes of a young baseball player, watching Bo Jackson play was an experience that was burned in my memory forever. There were two moments in particular that stand out. The first being a hit to foul territory into deep left field where Bo was fielding. With lightning speed, he bolted for the ball, hunting it down, and at the last moment, out of reach from his glove on his right hand, it was as if time slowed down and the image came closer... Bo reached out his left hand and effortlessly caught the ball in the bare palm of his free hand! It looked so easy, so natural. My young mind was blown!

Later in the game, Bo stepped up to the plate and with the force of the Gods, hit a ball farther than I have ever seen or thought possible. He launched the ball eons beyond the home run fence, sky-high into the upper deck of the stadium! I had a hard time conceiving of what I had just seen, but there it was, before my own eyes, live, in person... the thunderous power of one of the greatest athletes ever to play the game.

Then, yesterday, as I was sifting through my emails, I caught a glimpse of Bo Jackson in an article of Success Magazine's newsletter titled, 'Bo Jackson: Facing the Unknown'. It was very satisfying to read this article and out of it, I was reminded of a timeless success principle, that success builds on success. 

Success is not an accident. Success is not luck. Success is not a fluke. Success is a pattern that, once someone has it, becomes repeated through their life, no matter what they do. Success requires hard work, a clear vision, and acting on purpose. Success is a mindset, requiring discipline and ability to complete what one sets out to accomplish without distraction. Success requires the ability to step beyond fear, beyond one's comfort zone over and over and over again. Success does not come easy and thus, those who achieve it are revered for their achievements by the masses.

Would love to hear of any success principles you've discovered and which ones you find in the following article... Please leave a comment below and share with your friends! 

Follow this link to read this month's Success Magazine article on the only player ever to be selected as an all-star in two professional sports, baseball and football. If you pay close attention, you may notice some of the patterns of success that are clearly exemplified by this living legend, Bo Jackson. 

How Life Coaching Will Help You Discover Your Passion and Purpose AGAIN!

LifeCoachingBreakthroughHave you lost your passion? Do you feel more overwhelmed than grateful?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just going through the motions and keep wishing you could escape the humdrum of everyday, boring old life?

Do you sometimes fantasize about leaving it all behind?

I recently found myself questioning everything ... my relationship, my role as a father, where I live, who I am ... right down to the core of questioning my very motivation for life!

I found myself asking, “Am I really living MY life?” 

These kinds of big life questions are not always easy to answer. Our lives are intimately tied to the people around us at work, in our families and with our friends. Who we are and what we do affects those around us in a very real way. To question these things at a foundational level can really rock the ship.

I tried to keep my own process to myself, thinking it would eventually pass, however, I’ve had these kinds of deep questions arise in me before and I know that in order for them to pass, I must at some point, speak my truth. What holds me back, most often, is the fear and likelihood of hurting the feelings of those I love.

Finding purpose and passion through different stages of life can be a challenge; and it must be, as those stages show up so we can grow. Communicating our truth is not always easy.

Without a doubt, open, honest communication is one of the most essential keys to any lasting relationship, whether intimate, friendship or work-related. I have been with my wife for over 15 years and speaking our truth, even when it hurts, is one of the things that has kept us together and allowed our love for each other to deepen as we both grow.

Communicating fantasies of leaving it all behind is not an easy thing to do when you are intimately tied to a way of life and those around you, whether that’s in your job, your relationship or other. However, what can you do when the imaginings and fantasies start to crowd out your ability to be present with those you love and enjoy what you have? 

Superhero Entrepreneurship!


Do you consider yourself to be a Superhero Entrepreneur? If you haven't already joined the ranks of success superherodom as a business owner, and you crave to slip mightily into own your own super'entrepreneur'suit, I recommend checking out Superhero business owner, John Greathouse's power-packed article on '10 Startup Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Superheroes'. 

Jason Greathouse has woven his fascination with superheroes into the Core Values that his company operates by through creating what he calls a "superhero culture". BOOM! Holy breakthrough, Batman!!

He tells his employees, “When you come into the company every day, I want you thinking you are that superhero.”

My fave of his power-packed 10 Lessons is #08 - Superheroes Can Do It By Themselves, But Are More Powerful In Teams.

Who is on your team? Who are the people that inspire you to live and be your best?

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” - Jim Rohn, Legendary Superhero Entrepreneur

"Who you spend time with is who you become." -Tony Robbins, Superhero Entrepreneur

Maston Kipp, another amazing Superhero Entrepreneur, wrote an outstanding article on this very subject... Here's the link for a great read:'Who You Spend Time With Is Who You Become'. Say hi and give him a supercomment on his superblog.

Okay, I'm getting a little out of control with the "super"s, but hey, when did the comics ever hold back?!

Amongst all distractions, the question remains... Who are you surrounding yourself with and how are they influencing your superhero decisions?

I was thinking how I could add some supercoach wisdom for you today and came up with the following:

1 SuperStep to Superhero Entrepreneurship.

Step 1: Own Your Superhero Identity.

It's really very simple. The moment you own your identity as a superhero entrepreneur, the game changes. All those things you thought you needed to buy, experience or learn to feel complete are suddenly buzzing within you. Have you ever tried it? Have you ever truly owned it? Do you have it within you to stand as your superhero self right now!

If you accept the challenge and you are standing and owning your Superhero Identity now, I encourage you to consider the following questions from this new perspective:

  • At what level, 0-10, are you owning your Superhero Identity right now and what would you need to do to make it a 10+?
  • What were the changes you made physically to access your Superhero ID?
  • What was your focus before and what is your focus now?
  • How and when could you access this place of power again?

It may have sounded absurd at first, however, the fact that you are standing and resonating in your power is a testament to your dedication to owning your Greatness and countless successes to come. To truly access your superpowers, requires self-leadership, self-ownership and being willing to do the absurd. 

If you were to make a statement to the world from this place of power, what would you say? Go ahead... Keep standing as your superhero self, own your power, and make your proclamation to the world. OR continue to delay your Greatness by remaining seated and continuing to settle for simply being an observer of others' Greatness.

  • What is your Superhero Identity?
  • How will you own your Superhero Identity today?

Remember to never forget that your truth is within you. The world is here to reflect back your truth and is always providing exactly what you need. Own your Greatness and you can have anything and everything you ever wanted and more. You make the world a better place every day.

Here's a hilarious superhero practical joke for a good laugh :)

Brodie Whitney is founder and CEO of Dreamjoggle Enterprises. He trains companies and coaches inspired entrepreneurs to access and live their full potential in both business and in life. He specializes in helping people take back their time, develop strategies for success and take consistent inspired action to realize their most compelling goals.